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Constitutionalism in Indonesia [CONsID]

This website was initiated by the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga with the Maastricht University Faculty of Law in the framework of the LEAP-OKP program (Legal Education, Ethics and Professionalism-Orange Knowledge Program). It is however operated as an independent website devoted to constitutionalism. Opinions expressed on this site are the opinions of the authors and contributors.
The purpose of this website (CONsID) is to generate and stimulate public debate about constitutionalism/rule of law/good governance/democracy topics and issues and current events in and relating to Indonesia. Its aim is to bring together materials, blogs, books, events, discussion and debate, legislation, court cases and societal events, and to add explanations and clarification and above all to enable and facilitate analysis, discussion and opinions. The background to it is our shared commitment to the fundamental values of constitutionalism / rule of law / good governance / and democracy, and the notion that cherished these notions means a constant debate and clarification and attention. Indeed, by scholars and academics but also accessible for a wider audience such as politics, civil servants, courts, legal professionals, students, non-governmental organizations, journalists and civil society as a whole. Do not expect lengthy exposés or scholarly articles, but accessible and clearly written blogs that are based upon research and expertise.
The purpose of this website entails that it does not carry a specific political orientation, but is committed to a thorough enlightened analysis of the fundamental concepts mentioned. Anyone who shares that vision and attachment to these values and the importance of sharing them is wholeheartedly invited to not only read our content, but also share with us relevant contributions.
The language of the website will primarily be in Bahasa, but we will also publish relevant pieces and materials in English, where we will seek to have these accompanied with a translation in Bahasa or a clear brief summary.

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