Allegations of Sexual Harassment of Putri Candrawati, Stopped by Police Revealed by Komnas HAM

The case of the murder of Brigadi J or Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat is still in the public spotlight. The latest is the re-emergence of sexual harassment motives against Ferdy Sambo’s wife Putri Candrawati. Previously, the alleged sexual harassment case against Putri had been stopped by the police because no criminal acts were found. However, recently, the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) said that Putri was suspected of having experienced sexual violence. The difference is, if previously the alleged sexual violence took place in Jakarta, the latest findings by Komnas HAM that the alleged sexual harassment of Putri Candrawati occurred in Magelang. How come?

Allegations of harassment in Jakarta stopped by police
The case of Brigadier J’s death was initially referred to by the police because of sexual harassment. It is said that Ferdy Sambo’s wife Putri Candrawathi was abused by Brigadier J. Quoted from, the harassment is said to have occurred at Ferdy Sambo’s official residence, in Duren Tiga, South Jakarta, Friday (8/7/2022). As a result of the abuse, a shootout occurred between Brigadier J and Richard Eliezer or Bharada E which resulted in the death of Brigadier J. Putri and then reported the alleged sexual harassment to the South Jakarta Metro Police. The report was made on July 9, 2022 with accusations of crimes against decency and or coercing someone with violence or threats of violence and or sexual violence. Ferdy Sambo also made a report on the alleged attempted murder with the victim Bharada E and Brigadier J reported. However, on Friday (12/8/2022), the police stopped handling the two reports. The police confirmed that Brigadier J did not abuse Putri shortly before her death. “We stopped the investigation because no criminal incident was found. It is not a criminal incident,” said the Director of General Crimes (Dirtipidum) of the Criminal Investigation Department Brigadier General Andi Rian Djajadi at a press conference at the National Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Friday (12/8/2022). The reason for stopping the report is because the police suspect that the report was made only to hinder the investigation of the suspected premeditated murder case against Brigadier J. “We consider these two police reports to be one part that falls into the category of obstruction of justice. from 340 cases (premeditated murder),” said Andi. Although the report of sexual harassment had been stopped by the police, to Komnas HAM, Putri insisted that she had received sexual violence by Brigadier J. However, Sambo was asked to change the location information, from what actually happened in Magelang, to Sambo’s official residence at the Police Complex, Duren Tiga, South Jakarta. This information was obtained from the results of an examination by Komnas HAM with Komnas Perempuan against Putri some time ago. “Because he said that actually what happened (sexual violence) was in Magelang, ‘I was ordered (by Ferdy Sambo) to admit that the incident occurred in Duren Tiga’,” said Taufan when met at the Komnas HAM office, Monday (29/8/2022). ). However, at that time, Taufan said that Putri’s confession could not be further proven because her explanations were changing. Because of that, his party asked the investigators to explore the evidence whether there really was sexual violence against the wife of the two-star general. Taufan revealed that information related to allegations of sexual violence was also mentioned by Ferdy Sambo when Komnas HAM asked for his statement. At that time, Sambo said, there was an indecent act that Joshua had done to his wife that made him angry and planned to kill him. “We asked why (committed the murder), because he was angry because of something he thought was an indecent act that Joshua did to his wife, that’s his version,” said Taufan.

Komnas HAM: Sexual harassment is suspected in Magelang
In a report on the recommendation of Brigadier J’s case released Thursday (1/9/2022), Komnas HAM revealed that there was a strong suspicion of sexual violence against Putri by Brigadier J. As Putri said, the violence was said to have occurred not in Jakarta, but in Magelang. “There is a strong suspicion that there was an incident of sexual violence committed by Brigadier J to Sister PC in Magelang on July 7, 2022,” Komnas HAM Commissioner Beka Ulung Hapsara said at a press conference at his office, Thursday. According to Komnas HAM, the sexual violence occurred when Ferdy Sambo was not in Magelang. This incident prompted Strong Maruf, Sambo’s household assistant and Putri’s personal driver, to threaten to kill Brigadier J. On this suspicion, Komnas HAM gave a recommendation to the police so that the alleged abuse case against Putri could be investigated again. “(Requesting the police) to follow up the investigation of the alleged sexual assault against Sister PC in Magelang by taking into account the principles of human rights and conditions of special vulnerability,” said Beka. Firda Rahmawan, the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) concluded that there was a strong suspicion of sexual violence by Brigadier J against Putri Candrawathi, wife of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo. On the same occasion, Komnas Perempuan also conveyed the same thing.

Reluctant to report harassment Princess Candrawati admits she is ashamed and afraid
To Komnas Perempuan, Putri admitted that she was reluctant to report the alleged sexual violence she experienced in Magelang because she was ashamed and afraid. “The reporter’s reluctance to report his case from the start was because he felt ashamed, in his statement he felt ashamed, blamed himself,” said Komnas Perempuan Chair Andy Yentriyani at the Komnas HAM Office, Central Jakarta, Thursday. “Afraid of the perpetrator’s threat and the repercussions it might have on his entire life,” he said. In addition, said Andy, Putri was reluctant to report because she considered her position as the wife of a senior police officer. Putri’s age which is no longer young also makes her afraid of being threatened so she only blames herself. “At the age of 50 years, having a daughter or a fear of threats, and blaming yourself so that you feel better dead, this has been conveyed many times,” said Andy. However, furthermore, Komnas Perempuan recommends the police to follow up on these allegations of sexual violence. “We found that there are initial clues that need to be followed up by the investigators, both from the statements of P (Putri), S (Sambo), as well as psychological assessments regarding the alleged incident of sexual violence,” said Andy.



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